Doron Behar

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Tel Aviv
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(+972) 050-437-4344


2016 - 2019 | Military Service

Service in the Israeli Airforce in a development department for PCB and test stands for Aircraft electronic devices. During my service to the Army I gained experience on the following fields:


2019 - | Technion - Israel Institute of Technology


2014 - 2016 | ORT Singalovski College (TLV)

Electronics and Computers
Final Project
Entrance passes system with RFID using FPGA by Altera (VHDL).

2009 - 2013 | Thelma Yellin High School of Arts

Classical music + Physics
Classical Guitar

Self Taught Skills

Projects of my own

Pistol (Go)
A General purpose file previewer for the terminal.
awesome-autostart (Lua)
Autostart of arbitrary programs for the Awesome WM made easy.
lua-logger (Lua)
Simple API to use logging features in Lua, Design based on log4j.
lua-pulseaudio_cli (Lua)
Lua based PulseAudio command line controller using libpulse.
transmission-links-handler (JavaScript)
Node.js Transmission command line client that adds torrents interactively.

Notable OSS contributions

NixOS (Nix)
NixOS is a unique Linux distribution. My contributions revolve around adding and fixing packages in our collection and reviewing.
zsh-system-clipboard (ZSH)
System clipboard key bindings for Zsh Line Editor - commits
lua-pulseaudio_dbus (Lua)
Lua Module that can control PulseAudio via D-bus - pull requests.
Web Media Controller (JavaScript)
Browser Extension that helps controlling media playback on various websites using the native-messaging protocol standard - pull requests.